The Fastest and Most Comprehensive Application Discovery and Understanding Platform


The Fastest and Most Comprehensive Application Discovery and Understanding Platform


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SMART TS XL is an application discovery platform made for today's complex and hybrid IT stacks. It supports any platform and any language, making cross-platform analysis a breeze. Break down silos, support DevOps initiatives, and inform business analyst efforts across all stages of the application discovery and support process.

The patented Software Intelligence® technology searches and analyzes millions of lines of code, hyperlinks referenced items, and provides in-depth dependency mapping. With results in a matter of seconds, there's no more waiting minutes, hours or days for a complex mainframe scan.   

SMART TS XL is the only platform that also supports important non-programmatic items like database schemas, change management resources, ticketing systems, documentation and more. 

  • End-to-end visibility

    One centralized repository allows for all enterprise assets to be automatically catalogued and easily accessed.

  • Powerful reporting

    Reporting features are easily accessible at any point during your process. In a few clicks, you can instantly create and share reports, diagrams or flowcharts.

  • Accurate cross-platform impact analysis

    Map application dependencies across multiple languages and platforms and discover the impact of potential changes.

  • Improved application quality

    Pinpoint bugs, identify redundant or inefficient areas of code, and enforce quality coding practices.

  • Open APIs for customization

    Enhance existing features, integrate with other systems or create new apps with robust open APIs

  • Quickly close knowledge gaps

    Create documentation for unknown or undocumented applications, and bring everyone up to speed with powerful code understanding tools.

"SMART TS XL is an invaluable tool in my everyday tasks. To help provide the business with quick and accurate estimates and answers; SMART TS XL is the tool to use. There are several cases where a question will be asked of IT by the business and as usual it is needed 15 minutes ago.

"With the versatility of SMART TS XL I am always able to do a few quick searches and I will instantly have the number of modules, the extent of which these modules use certain datafields, and trace back and flow through information letting me know how certain data flows through our system. With this information I can quickly give the business an accurate estimate and an answer as to the feasibility of any solution to their issue."

Developer, Citi

Application Understanding and Impact Analysis Tools

CSE Code Search Engine Advanced code search capabilities allow you to search and analyze vast and varied data repositories from one place.

In a split second, you have results that help you:
- Search the entire application portfolio for everywhere a field is used
- Find every instance of an error message buried in code
- Identify areas of business logic critical to the enterprise
source code search
Document Search Document Search Search your enterprise documents for the information that you need. We support any text-based asset, including word documents, spreadsheets, presentations and countless other formats.

Instant access to enterprise documents helps you:
- Discover relevant information when researching a project
- Transfer knowledge between new and existing teams
- Prevent the loss of valuable knowledge when an employee retires
document search
Impact Analysis Impact Analysis Accurately predict the impact of changes with robust impact analysis capabilities. Hyperlinks allow you to easily move between referenced elements, and color-coded diagrams give you a visual of how and where they interact.

With the ability to see relationships and impact points across your entire application portfolio, you can:
- Follow hyperlinks between referenced elements
- Determine the scope of work in a project by identifying relationships between elements
- Immediately pursue your flow of thought when researching programs or other modules
Photo cross reference report
JCL eXpander JCL eXpander This time-saving JCL expansion tool displays all Procs, Parms, DSNs and other symbolic variables referenced in the JCL. You can read your JCL as it would look at run-time without looking up each individual element.

This tool gives you the ability to:
- Search, analyze and map your JCLs in a fraction of the time it would take on the mainframe
- Evaluate projects and gain a clear understanding of all parts of your JCLs
JCL Expansion
COBOL eXpander COBOL eXpander The COBOL eXpander inserts Copybooks into the COBOL program where they are are referenced to show you how the program looks at run-time. You can read your COBOL program as it would look at run-time without looking up each individual element

By seeing expanded Copybooks in your programs you can easily:
- Save time spent researching for modification or maintenance
- Review all referenced Copybooks in one place
COBOL expansion
COBOL Field Tracker COBOL Field Tracker Use the Field Tracker tool to see the ripple effects of changing a field in COBOL programs and any included Copybooks. This tool makes projects easier by instantly finding and tracking field movement in a program.

The COBOL Field Tracker helps you:
- Find fields based on the type of operations they are in
- Identify relationships between found fields by performing iterative searches
- Save time spent on repetitive field movement research
COBOL field tracker
Program Control Flow Diagram Control Flow Diagram This powerful tool generates an interactive control flow diagram for the program you select. The diagram renders a complete picture of how the program works and provides you with multiple levels of detail.

When it comes to mission-critical projects, this flowcharting capability helps you:
- Document the structure and flow of existing legacy programs
- Increase productivity by providing understanding of complex program logic
program control flow diagram
Program Complexity Report Program Complexity Report Estimate project complexity and determine timelines with the help of reports that detail program difficulty, suspected number of bugs, level of effort, hours required, and other measures. Complexity reports are calculated based on the Halstead complexity methodology and industry standards.

These reports provide an in-depth understanding of your application portfolio so you can:
- Create a project plan based on programming language, source library, data type or project
- Use the reports and metrics to give assignments to the right people
program complexity
source code search document search impact analysis JCL Expander COBOL expansion COBOL field tracker Program control flow diagram program complexity report


Learn how you can reach your application goals with SMART TS XL

Learn how you can reach your application goals with SMART TS XL