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  • Support Portal

    Admin users can log, track and update cases with IN-COM technical support using the Support Portal. Upon logging a case, the admin will receive a case identification number for future reference as well as automated email updates.

             The portal is here http://servicedesk.in-com.com

  • Send Us Feedback

    We love hearing from our users! SMART TS XL web client includes a convenient Feedback form that can be used by anyone using the application. This is a way for users to submit ideas, ask questions, or request assistant by starting new service requests. Simply, follow the on-screen prompts and include as much information as you can. Having a complete picture of an issue will help us expedite a resolution. To submit feedback, log into SMART TS XL web application and click the smiley icon at the right side of the navigation bar.

  • Integrated Help Section

    Built into the SMART TS XL application is an integrated help section. This area is where users and admins can find a wealth of knowledge, articles, how-to videos, and guides. To find this section, log into SMART TS XL web application and click Help from the top navigation bar.

  • Online Admin Courses

    Registered admin users have unlimited access to our online courses, where we have a library of video tutorials on administrating SMART TS XL. The classes are available from the integrated help section within the SMATRT TS XL application under the Admins section. To be registered, please contact support@in-com.com

  • Dynamic Help

    Included in the SMART TS XL application is the Dynamic Help panel which displays contextual help topics based on the application page currently viewed. For example, when viewing the main search page, the Dynamic Help panel is showing topics related to how to perform a search. To view this feature, log into SMART TS XL web application and select the Dynamic Help tab on the SMART Assistant panel.

  • Contact Us

            Technical support: support@in-com.com

             Sales: sales@in-com.com

             For additional contact info click here

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